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  Mission Statement  

Philosophy and Mission

     The faculty of Wadley High School believes in the uniqueness and value of the individual student.  The primary purpose is to stimulate the learner to achieve his greatest potential academically, socially, physically, and emotionally.  The school seeks to direct students into new avenues of learning by providing a learning environment conducive to thinking on a broader plane with diverse ideas.  This institution strives to develop individuals who will be responsible participants in the democratic society.

     The school believes that students deserve to learn in the best environment possible with the best methods available.  The faculty recognizes that students have differing abilities and learning styles, in addition to a difference in students' readiness to learn.  Because of these variables, the need for individualization is recognized, with a broad array of instructional techniques and materials based on the needs of each student. Learning is a complex process in which addresses the total need of each student. The home, school, and community should cooperate to fulfill these needs. Because of this belief, the faculty and administration encourages participation from the community as resource people in the total school program. The school is committed to the continued improvement of the curriculum and program with the knowledge that this commitment will ensure positive change in the school environment.

  About The School  

About the School

     Wadley High School is located in the town of Wadley, a small rural community in east central Alabama with a population of 625.  Wadley is located in the southwestern corner of Randolph County on the Tallapoosa River. 

     Wadley High School was established as a state institution in the early 1900s.  Nine grades were taught at first, but with the Consolidation of Truitt and Mountain Springs Schools, Wadley became a twelve-grade school.  In the early 1930s, a new school was built and it served the communities until it burned in 1960.  A new school was constructed in 1961 to house a school population of approximately 240 students in grades one through twelve.

     Over the years, the enrollment of Wadley School has increased.  In 1972 the construction of a new elementary building with ten classrooms was built.  The main building was then used for grades seven through twelve.  In classrooms, shop area, kitchen, and living room.

     At the present time, the school employs twenty-six full time members, one part-time speech therapist, and one part-time school nurse.  The faculty also includes a reading specialist, two instructors for special needs students, a full-time counselor, a full-time librarian, and two vocational teachers.  The school also employs a principal, assistant principal, and staff consisting of five lunchroom workers, and two custodial workers, one school bookkeeper, and one maintenance man used by the school as needed.

     The town of Wadley, according to the 2000 Census, has a population of 625.  The largest provider of jobs is a metal working company called Plantation Patterns, which is the world�s largest supplier of metal lawn furniture.  The community reflects an inter-working relationship with this company because the facility provides jobs for families with children in Wadley School.  New families often move into the community due to the growing demand for more employees at the facility.

     The one thing that Wadley is best known for is Southern Union State Community College.  Many of our parents are employed at the college and we have a great working relationship with the college and its employees.  Wadley High School uses the facilities at Southern Union for many school functions such as graduation, beauty pageants, and sporting events.  

     The town of Wadley supports our school continuously.  The people realize the importance of the education their children can receive at Wadley High School and they value this opportunity.